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Rug Cleaning Tips from Chippewa Valley Chem-Dry

Aug 1, 2023 | Area Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Tips from Chippewa Valley Chem-Dry

I know how hard it can be to keep a home clean. But one thing I’ve learned is that it’s important to take care of your belongings, especially your area and oriental rugs. Rugs are beautiful and add a touch of luxury to any home, but they can be delicate and need special care.

That’s why I’m here to tell you about Chippewa Valley Chem-Dry. We’re a professional rug cleaning company in Eau Claire that specializes in oriental rugs. We use a safe and gentle cleaning method that won’t damage your rug. We also use a special dye fixative to help prevent color bleeding.

Tips for keeping your rug clean:

  • Vacuum regularly. Vacuuming your rug regularly will help to remove dirt, dust, and pet hair. This will help to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris, which can damage the fibers of your rug.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners. Harsh chemicals and cleaners can damage the fibers of your rug. If you need to clean your rug, use a mild soap and water solution.
  • If your rug gets wet, blot up the excess liquid immediately. Wetting your rug can cause the fibers to swell and weaken. If your rug gets wet, blot up the excess liquid immediately and let it dry completely.
  • Avoid dragging your rug across the floor. Dragging your rug across the floor can cause the fibers to wear and tear. If you need to move your rug, lift it and carry it.
  • Have your rug professionally cleaned at least once a year. Professional rug cleaning from Chippewa Valley Chem-Dry will remove dirt, dust, and pet hair that you may not be able to remove yourself. It will also help to restore the original color and beauty of your rug.

Tips for spotting potential problems with your rug:

  • Check for loose or missing fibers. Loose or missing fibers can indicate that your rug is damaged. If you see any loose or missing fibers, contact a professional rug cleaner.
  • Check for stains. Stains can be caused by a variety of things, including food, drinks, pet accidents, and dirt. If you see any stains on your rug, contact a professional rug cleaner from Chippewa Valley Chem-Dry.
  • Check for fading. Fading can be caused by exposure to sunlight or harsh chemicals. If you notice that your rug is fading, contact a professional rug cleaner.

Get Your Rug Cleaned Today!

If you are in the Eau Claire, WI area and are looking for a professional rug cleaner, please contact Chippewa Valley Chem-Dry. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the community for over 20 years. Learn more about us here! We offer free estimates! Call us today to schedule a rug cleaning appointment!

By following these simple tips, you can help to extend the life of your oriental rug and keep it looking its best for years to come. I’m confident that you’ll be happy with the results of our rug cleaning service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing Chippewa Valley Chem-Dry!

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