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Selecting A High-Quality Carpet Cleaning Provider

Apr 5, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

Selecting A High-Quality Carpet Cleaning Provider

When you’re on the hunt for a high-quality carpet cleaning in Eau Claire, WI, there’s more to weigh up than just expertise. Naturally, you’ll opt for a provider well-rooted in the community with a track record of delivering superior results. Yet, many homeowners in Eau Claire, WI, look beyond mere outcomes. They prioritize finding a high-quality carpet cleaner that employs methods that are kind to the earth and to their families. If you’re among them, here’s your guide to choosing a high-quality carpet cleaner.

Ensuring Safety for Children and Pets

A trustworthy carpet cleaning company will ensure that their cleaning process is secure for children and pets. Considering the amount of time the younger ones and furry friends spend on the carpet, it’s crucial that the cleaning products are non-threatening to your home’s littlest inhabitants. This care for your family’s health inside the home indirectly affirms the company’s respect for the larger environment outside.

Chem-Dry of Chippewa Valley recognizes the gravity of this issue for families and takes pride in offering a worry-free solution. Why Chem-Dry? Opting for Chem-Dry means ensuring a safer, more hygienic surface for your little ones and pets, devoid of the dangers of harsh chemicals and toxic residues.

Transparency on Non-Toxic Cleaning Agents

Transparency about the use of non-toxic cleaning agents is another hallmark of a genuinely high-quality cleaning service. It’s essential to be in the know regarding the cleaning solutions that will be employed within your sanctuary. A carpet cleaner’s inability to discuss their cleaning solutions should raise a red flag.

Chem-Dry of Chippewa Valley is transparent about its methods, particularly our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) technique which utilizes our carbonated cleaning solvent known as The Natural®. Where does it earn its name, you ask? All its constituents appear on the FDA’s Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) list, free from harmful toxins or severe detergents.

Water Conservation and Cleaning Efficiency

Water conservation is an additional critical concern. Traditional carpet cleaning, especially steam cleaning, is infamous for excessive water usage — a detriment to the environment with a side risk of promoting mold and mildew in your carpets.

Choosing a carpet cleaner that can deliver impressive results without this dependency on water is key. Chem-Dry of Chippewa Valley’s HCE method doesn’t lean on high water volumes but, due to the power of carbonation, it cuts the amount of traditional water usage by steam cleaning. This makes it an exceptional choice for busy families. It’s a win-win for the environment and your carpets.

Trust Chem-Dry of Chippewa Valley

Stringent evaluation of cleaning products according to environmental standards is another plus. Chem-Dry uses The Natural, a cleaning agent that is not only non-toxic to humans and animals, but also complies with clean air standards.

For those in Eau Claire, WI seeking a high-quality carpet cleaning company that is as earnest about caring for the planet as it is about cleaning your carpets, Chem-Dry of Chippewa Valley is the name to trust. Contact us today at (715) 227-8070 for services that combine clean homes and a clear conscience.

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