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Wood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Modern homes are adorned with a variety of stunning surfaces, ranging from carpets and area rugs to tile and stone floors. Hardwood floors stand out as a popular choice among homeowners, prized for their durability and enduring beauty.

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Just as dust and grime accumulate on other household surfaces, they also settle on wood floors, gradually compromising their appearance and durability. Our Wood Floor Cleaning Process effectively removes dirt, grime, and non-living allergens, including pet dander, which can contribute to respiratory issues. By regularly deep cleaning your wood floors, you not only enhance their aesthetic appeal but also promote a healthier indoor environment.

Unlike conventional mopping, which merely redistributes dirt and grime, our Wood Floor Cleaning Process delivers a true deep clean. Our specialized cleaning solutions penetrate deep into the wood’s pores, extracting even the most stubborn dirt and contaminants without damaging the delicate surface. This thorough cleaning not only restores the natural shine of your wood floors but also extends their lifespan, saving you money on costly repairs and replacements in the long run.

A Protective Barrier Against Future Damage

Our Wood Floor Cleaning Process goes beyond mere cleaning; it also provides a protective barrier that safeguards your floors against future damage. This protective layer helps to repel spills and stains, making it easier to maintain your floors’ pristine condition. Additionally, our process uses minimal moisture, preventing the potential warping or cracking of the wood.

Why Choose Chem-Dry?

There are dozens of home cleaning solutions and retail products designed to clean hardwood flooring. While these products can provide short-term results, they can also cause unseen damage and allow residue, dirt, and grime to build up over time. A periodic professional wood floor cleaning is the best solution to protect and enhance your floors.

The comparison below highlights the benefits of our wood floor cleaning Process over doing it yourself at home:

Chem-Dry Wood Floor Cleaning DIY Mopping
Uses a non-toxic cleaner, safe for people and pets Uses soaps and detergents, which can contain harmful chemicals
Penetrates the grain of the wood with industry-leading equipment with counter-rotating brushes Skims across the surface of the wood floor with a wet mop
Provides deeper clean that removes dirt, grime & allergens from in the wood grain Doesn’t penetrate wood grain with surface cleaning
Uses minimal water, protecting the wood from damage Uses a lot of water that can soak into the wood and cause damage such as buckling
Extracts moisture along with dirt and contaminants from your floors & home with a powerful vacuum Soaks up some dirt and contaminants but also spreads it around the floor and doesn’t extract it from the home
Uses durable polish that leaves a protective barrier and healthy shine Can apply polish that typically won’t last long or provide much protection against damage

Industry-Leading Step By Step Process

1. Thorough Inspection

Our certified technician will inspect the condition of your floor, including scratches and blemishes.

Our process is not recommended for floors with deep scratches, blemishes discoloration, staining or bare wood floors.

2. Polish & Acrylic Coating Removal

We will then determine if the floor as an acrylic coating in order to remove any polishing or coating before cleaning so that we can extract dirt form deep in the flooring.

3. Deep Cleaning

A technician will tape off the surrounding area so as not to ruin appliances or cabinetry. They will then begin the process of cleaning the wood floors with our specially formulated, green-certified cleaner. This will remove dirt, debris, and contaminants leaving your floors healthier and streak-free.

4. Hard Wood Floor Polish

Once the floor has been cleaned, a polish is then applied. Our polish provides a beautiful shine and a protective layer to prevent future damage to the surface of the floor.

chem-dry technician taping off appliances prior to hardwood floor cleaning

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